I became addicted to Lululemon Athletica clothes in 2011 thanks to Sarah – a yogi friend who sent me a complete outfit one day from New York as a surprise present – and I have always been wearing Lululemon for my practice and to teach my classes since.


Since the past 5 years I have been very happy to know and to wear Lululemon, who created trendy and technical clothes for yoga, always elegant. Also and the quality is very strong, resists all classes, travels and can be washed again and again without moving shape, color or texture.

Why do I love these clothes?

  • Because they are gorgeous, chic and convey a postive and dynamic image, they are adapted for all girls and are timeless in their look, shape, designs and colors.

  • Colors and patterns are original, fun or very classic, collections are renewed every month so we have regular new choices for shopping if we want.

  • Tops and bottoms always match together, colors are made to match even if they aren’t from the same season or collection.

  • Finally (and most important) all asanas are confortable to be done in these clothes, tights and souple at the same time, warm or in a materiel to sweat and still feel fresh, to let the body breathe. We can stretch, do all the inversion and vinyasas as possible and forget about our clothes.

I invite you to discover the Lululemon shop at the greenhouse from next week and all spring and summer time!**

Some photos wearing Lululemon during my practice, and all year long:












Lululemon online shop: www.eu.lululemon.com