Hatha Yoga Sun Salutation

**There are many variations of the Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar** ### In this video, I propose you today to practice to do together of the Sun Salutation of traditional Indian yoga, Hatha Yoga, practiced in the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres, all over the world.### It is recommended to practice it **when you wake up [...]

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Drishti, place your gaze to develop your concentration

## During the yoga class, your yoga teacher will often remind you to stare at your drishti, and to breathe mindfully looking at it.## **Nothing is left to random in an Asana, the gaze also has a direction to look at,** staring at a drishti develops concentration and adjusts the posture correctly. **In the triangle [...]

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Friendship is one of the paths leading to the Prana

**There are different ways leading to vital energy - Prana - and among them there is positive thinking and emotions sharing.** ##I want to tell you today about my friend **Annetta Calisi,** Yoga teacher navigating between Toronto and Los Angeles, who created a company named **"Path to Prana"** - which literally means "Path to the [...]

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A new yoga teacher joined our team!

###Fabienne recently graduated as Yoga teacher and has joined our team!### **I am delighted to announce you that Fabienne Gratas,** who practices yoga regularly since several years and recently graduated as a yoga teacher will teach classes on Thursdays at the greenhouse from 11:00am to 12:30pm. She explains her passion and conveys her beautiful energy [...]

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Yogi soup from the Piboule’s Garden in Cogolin

**This is a yogi soup suggestion that will bring you what you need and keep you warm during the winter:** **Squash potimarron, Butternut and Sweet Potato from the Piboule's Garden in Cogolin,** grown together by Yann Ménard, in the most organic way. **A delicious soup with a chestnut taste!** Boil the butternut and potimaron squash [...]

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Morning meditation and pranayama to start your day

##With the new year, discover meditation and take new habits!## **You can start 2015 with the habit of meditating every morning for a few minutes to set your intention to serve your day and discover all the benfits of meditation.** Benefits will unfold in your life, on a subtle level, and your life will change. [...]

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Education begins in the womb of the mother

The awakening of consciousness of the baby begins from the first months in the womb of the mother. **Prenatal yoga classes always remind me about the importance of the relationship between the mother and her baby during the pregnancy.** Today I met three mothers in their 4th, 5th and 6th month of pregnancy for a [...]

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