Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga Retreat in the south of Portugal, Faro area, from Friday 20th of March until Friday 27th of March 2020

Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga Retreat in the South of Portugal, Faro area, from Friday 20th of March until Friday 27th of March 2020 Join us on a Yoga Retreat and discover the Algarve Region in South of Portugal! This retreat is organized and lead by your Hatha Yoga Teacher who will teach the [...]

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Hot Yoga under the Yoga Greenhouse, a paradise in nature next to Saint-Tropez

The hot weather is back, hot yoga classes under the greenhouse are now possible! We love this practice to sweat all toxins and detox the body and the mind. Take your bottle of water and towel with you! Information: Also possible to practice regular classes outside!

Yogi’s favorite brand is now at the yoga greenhouse in the heart of Saint-Tropez area

**I became addicted to Lululemon Athletica clothes in 2011 thanks to Sarah - a yogi friend who sent me a complete outfit one day from New York as a surprise present -** and I have always been wearing Lululemon for my practice and to teach my classes since. Since the past 5 years I have [...]

News from the Treasure Sand Club organic farm in the Bahamas inspired by the concept to grow local food

**Lady Eva Houstoun-Boswall, yoga teacher friend of mine** and assisting her husband to run their restaurant Treasure Sands Club in Abaco in the Bahamas, **had the amazing idea a year ago to create an organic garden that would provide food for the restaurant, missing fresh and local products on the island.** The project turned into [...]

Two facets of a new adventure are intertwined like grape vines: they are trust and control.

**When stepping off the plane, off the train, off the bus, or out of the car, a certain amount of trust and control are always present.** Having the control of knowing you've planned everything to the best of your knowledge and trusting yourself to let all of it go so the adventure can flow. **Once [...]

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Yoga Teacher and Earth protector Lady Eva Marie Houstoun-Boswall creates an organic farm in the Bahamas to answer the necessity for fresh and local food.

**When I met Eva Marie three years ago I would not have imagined the challenge she was going to face and she was far to imagine the support she would get from the community in Treasure Cay, on the island of Abaco in the Bahamas where she lives some part of the year, by creating [...]

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Meeting others and meeting ourSelf, this is Yoga

**Yoga teacher settled in the region of Saint-Tropez since 5 years now,** I have had the chance to meet **students who come to the classes all year round as well as students who come only during the summer or during the winter time.** I share with every student a part of their lives and a [...]

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Fluid Power Yoga with Simon Park saturday 3rd of October

Fluid Power: The physicists and the sages have greed that life is dynamic motion. From the water with which our fluid bodies are comprised, to the sub-atomic quantum field, wave motion is the expression of life. Explore the three-part approach within Prana Flow to thawing asanas and awakening the natural, healing power of wave motion [...]

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My favorite sushi restaurant in Saint-Tropez area is Sushinko in Port Cogolin

##It is always good to know the best addresses to eat where you travel: the best sushi restaurant that also suggests vegeterian and vegan sushis for yogis like me is Sushinko à Port Cogolin!## **Valerie and Charles welcome you in their restaurant, either at a table inside to feel in Japan, or outside on the [...]

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So much energy after Nico Luce’s workshops

##4 tow hours and a half workshops guided by Nico Luce, internationally known yoga teacher, leaves energizing sensations impregnated into the body, the mind and spirit, over time. **Nico's second visit at the yoga greenhouse has again, convinced many new people.** Second time for students who were here last year, first time for newcomers, the [...]

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