Fluid Power Yoga with Simon Park saturday 3rd of October

Fluid Power: The physicists and the sages have greed that life is dynamic motion. From the water with which our fluid bodies are comprised, to the sub-atomic quantum field, wave motion is the expression of life. Explore the three-part approach within Prana Flow to thawing asanas and awakening the natural, healing power of wave motion [...]

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My favorite sushi restaurant in Saint-Tropez area is Sushinko in Port Cogolin

##It is always good to know the best addresses to eat where you travel: the best sushi restaurant that also suggests vegeterian and vegan sushis for yogis like me is Sushinko à Port Cogolin!## **Valerie and Charles welcome you in their restaurant, either at a table inside to feel in Japan, or outside on the [...]

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So much energy after Nico Luce’s workshops

##4 tow hours and a half workshops guided by Nico Luce, internationally known yoga teacher, leaves energizing sensations impregnated into the body, the mind and spirit, over time. **Nico's second visit at the yoga greenhouse has again, convinced many new people.** Second time for students who were here last year, first time for newcomers, the [...]

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Connecting to the Earth

##Back to the roots with Agathe Jun Cendron, Bio-energy therapist.## During this 2 hours and a half workshop we focused on our roots in life through the yoga asana pratice while Agathe removed, one by one, the emotional packages stuck into our energetic body guided by her chamanic knowledge and connection to the unseen world. [...]

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One seed, one idea, and actions to make them blossom!

###Annetta, yogini friend from across the world, had the kindest attention to offer me a seed of lotus flower### **Infinitely grateful and touched by her present the idea to create a pond for it to grow came to my mind.** When I expressed my wish to my boyfriend, peasant, gardener nature lover, he looked at [...]

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Lolë arrives at the Yoga garden for you!

##Let me introduce you to Lolë, if you don't know yet this beautiful fashion brand, with who I am begining a yoga and fasion adventure , by becoming one of their ambassador!## **Infinitely happy to be an ambassador for Lole Women and offer you their clothes,** technical, comfortable and stylish at the same time, soon [...]

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Workshop with Nico Luce the 15th, 16th, 17th of May 2015

**Friday 15th, saturday 16th, sunday 17th of May** ![Nico Luce](/wp-content/uploads/narayani_yoga_luce_nico_200x200.jpg) {.alignright} ###Vinyasa Yoga Workshop with Nico Luce### ###Rama’s Journey, the Greatest Story Ever Told### **Myths and legends from the great Indian classic The Ramayana.** **Description:** For thousands of years the stories of The Ramayana have been told to impart the most profound spiritual teachings that [...]

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Narayani Yoga becomes Pure Nature Yoga

###"Narayani Yoga" has a new name: "Pure Nature Yoga".### As you may know, "Narayani" is a Sanskrit word that means "all positive qualities". **I was honored to receive this spiritual name at the begining of my new life as a yoga teacher at the Sivananda Yoga ashram where I did my first teacher training course. [...]

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Yoga with live music, pure bliss

###It was a first time for us yoginis to have the honor and the joy to welcome a musician at the yoga greenhouse to bring live music to our practice.### ###**Mike Dürigen, aka Caisaman,** played its steel harp during the class and it was a real treat for the ears and for the mind.### **Traveling [...]

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A new yoga teacher joined our team!

###Fabienne recently graduated as Yoga teacher and has joined our team!### **I am delighted to announce you that Fabienne Gratas,** who practices yoga regularly since several years and recently graduated as a yoga teacher will teach classes on Thursdays at the greenhouse from 11:00am to 12:30pm. She explains her passion and conveys her beautiful energy [...]

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