News from the Treasure Sand Club organic farm in the Bahamas inspired by the concept to grow local food

**Lady Eva Houstoun-Boswall, yoga teacher friend of mine** and assisting her husband to run their restaurant Treasure Sands Club in Abaco in the Bahamas, **had the amazing idea a year ago to create an organic garden that would provide food for the restaurant, missing fresh and local products on the island.** The project turned into [...]

Meeting others and meeting ourSelf, this is Yoga

**Yoga teacher settled in the region of Saint-Tropez since 5 years now,** I have had the chance to meet **students who come to the classes all year round as well as students who come only during the summer or during the winter time.** I share with every student a part of their lives and a [...]

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Connecting to the Earth

##Back to the roots with Agathe Jun Cendron, Bio-energy therapist.## During this 2 hours and a half workshop we focused on our roots in life through the yoga asana pratice while Agathe removed, one by one, the emotional packages stuck into our energetic body guided by her chamanic knowledge and connection to the unseen world. [...]

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Morning meditation and pranayama to start your day

##With the new year, discover meditation and take new habits!## **You can start 2015 with the habit of meditating every morning for a few minutes to set your intention to serve your day and discover all the benfits of meditation.** Benefits will unfold in your life, on a subtle level, and your life will change. [...]

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